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Top real estate agent Omar Morsi from the Barry Plant Craigieburn real estate office provides experienced, professional real estate services in Mickleham and surrounding areas. He knows the Mickleham area well and understands the factors that make that real estate market so unique. He knows what makes Mickleham a great place to live and is very familiar with all the real estate values in the area. He's an experienced negotiator and will ensure that he gets you the very best result when selling your property. If you have property in the Mickleham area and are thinking "how much is my home worth?" or "how can I find out my home's value?", then contact Omar Morsi for a free market appraisal. When it comes to selling your Mickleham property, Omar Morsi is the best real estate agent for the job.

Real Estate Agent Omar Morsi has 3 current real estate property listings in Mickleham, including 36 Realm Vista Mickleham. Real Estate Agent Omar Morsi has sold 2 real estate properties in the last 12 months, including most recently 70 Forest Red Gum Drive Mickleham.

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Municipality Median Age Population
Hume 30 3,142

Source: REIV

Median Real Estate Prices in Mickleham

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Mickleham Recent Sales

Address Price Date
20 Winkler St $570,000 15/09/2018
Brossard Rd $330,000 14/09/2018
Lakeview Dr $2,350,000 13/09/2018
Yarradale Dr $509,000 13/09/2018
Guardian St $305,000 09/09/2018
Bringa Dr $310,000 28/08/2018
Leicester Way $459,000 28/08/2018
55 The Panorama $1,950,000 27/08/2018
Landsdowne Av $430,000 21/08/2018
Thornanby Dr $292,000 20/08/2018
76 Trillium Blvd $510,000 18/08/2018
Stettlers Blvd $540,000 18/08/2018
Stettlers Blvd $540,000 18/08/2018
Inkerman Cr $0 16/08/2018
45 Heritage Way $2,090,000 11/08/2018
Inkerman Cr $233,000 10/08/2018
Newmarket Pde $635,000 09/08/2018
Inkerman Cr $380,000 06/08/2018
3 Reveille Way $677,500 04/08/2018
3 Vautier Av $435,000 04/08/2018

Source: REIV

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